How to Apply

Academic or administrative staff who wants to apply must fill in the online application form on the  website. In addition to the application form, the documents mentioned below must be also attached:

A letter of invitation from the host institution

Teaching/Training Mobility Agreement (signed and sealed)

Announcements of application dates are published on the website or sent via e-mail. Please remember to consult your Faculty Dean/ Unit Manager  about your departure dates in case any changes are made by Dogus University.


Requirements of Teaching Mobility;

  • Bilateral agreement between the higher education institutions carrying out the mobility,
  • A letter of invitation from the host institution
  • An agreement (signed and sealed) including minimum 2, maximum 5 working day-lecturing for minimum 8 course hours, which is accepted by both sender and host higher education institutions ( Please see it on the ‘Forms’ part.)
  • Online Application of Teaching Mobility
  • Photocopy of TEB Ekonomi Bankası (TEB) Euro checking account passbook (It could be any branch of TEB.)
  • Photocopy of the visa issued passport page

Requirements for Traineeship Mobility;

  • It is not compulsory to have a bilateral agreement between the institutions in terms of Traineeship Mobility, administrative staff may also attend the Mobility at the universities where we do not have an agreement.
  • A letter of invitation from the host institution
  • A training agreement (signed and sealed), including minimum 2 maximum 5 workdays, which is accepted by both sender and host higher education institutions (Please see it on the “Forms” parts)
  • Training Mobility Online Application
  • A photocopy of an Checking Euro account book from Türkiye Ekonomi Bankası (TEB) (any branch bank of TEB is possible)
  • A photocopy of the passport’s page with the visa



Evaluation Criteria

Benefit from Erasmus+For each participation -10 points

The participation to the mobility in the country of nationality: -10 points

To disabled staff (providing the proof of disability): +10 points

To staff who hasn’t benefitted from the staff mobility before: +35 points

To units and departments which haven’t got involved in the staff mobility before: +15 points

Unvisited country: +15 points

Unvisited institutions: +35 points

Fundamental Principles Regarding Evaluation and Election Process

The election process, among the applicants, within the scope of rules and priorities determined by the European Commission and Headquarters, must be carried out with the assessment criteria applicable to the whole staff in an equal extension determined by higher education institution.

The higher education institution is responsible for documenting all the files related to the election process when it is necessary.  In addition, the higher education institution must provide an unbiased, transparent and fair election process for the staff who will benefit from the mobility.

Conformity Evaluation

At least one of the countries, which will get involved in to the mobility, should be a member of the European Union. Since Turkey hasn’t been a member, the host or invited country should definitely be a member of the European Union.


The staff who want to benefit from mobility should submit their designed academic plan and program, which is in accordance with the minimum official university criteria.

The staff who want to benefit from mobility should be employed as a full/time worker in an institution that has EÜB in Turkey and s/he should be working at that institution. The staff who has a contract with higher education institution can benefit from the activities, there is no need to be a permanent staff.  Since there isn’t a contract between higher education institution and the staff who is employed by service procurement, this staff cannot benefit from the staff mobility.

Before Mobility

The staff should prepare the documents below and submit them to the International Relations Office before starting the mobility.

  • Erasmus+ Staff Mobility agreement teaching or Erasmus+ HE Staff mobility agreement training document
  • Traineeship and Lecturing Mobility Contract (After having your visa issued, you will sign your contract in two copies in our International Relations Office. The one who already has visa can submit the documents and sign the contract 15 days before starting the mobility)
  • A photocopy of an active Checking Euro account book from Türkiye Ekonomi Bankası (TEB) (any branch bank of TEB is possible)
  • A photocopy of the passport’s page with the visa
  • Excursion ticket’s receipt

After Mobility

After the mobility, the staff should submit complete documents below to the International Relations Office:

– Participation certificate from the visited institution (A signed and sealed document including the start and end dates of your mobility)

– The originals of the submitted documents -Teaching / Training Agreement- in course of the application.

– Final Report Form (It will be mailed to your mail address)

– The documents related to your journey

– The copy of the enterance and exit pages of the passport.


Erasmus+ Granted Mobility

The academic staff chosen as part of Erasmus+ program can take Erasmus+ grant to afford living expenses during the mobility. Distribution of grant depends on the number of applications, go-to country, and the budget that will come from the Turkey National Agency.

The amount of grant that changes according to living standards of go-to countries is classified in the following four categories. The Erasmus+ Grant is paid by two installments:

  • After submitting all documents to the international relations office, a grant contract will be signed, and 80% of grant will be paid in the next 15 days.
  • After mobility has been done and the staff submits all documents to the international relations office and completes the online survey, the rest of 20% grant will be paid. Grant will not be paid without submitting all required documents. The Travel Support Chart is defined with the distance calculator:

Acquired “km” amount – Amount of Grant

100-499 km – 180 Euro

500-1999 km – 275 Euro

2000-2999 km – 360 Euro

3000-3999 km – 530 Euro

4000-7999 km – 820 Euro

Over 8000 km –  1.100 Euro


Erasmus+ Without Grant Mobility

Applicants can use the right by informing the International Relations Office after the results are announced.

Additional Grant Opportunity for People in Need

Disabled staff can get additional grant for mobility depending on their private needs. Please contact the international relations office for detailed information.