How to Apply?

Students wishing to apply must fill in the online application form in the Student Information System at the application deadline. Students must attach the following documents to the application form at the time of application.

  • CV
  • Acceptance letter from the institution to be a guest

Application deadlines are announced to the students by the International Relations Office. It is recommended that students frequently check their web page announcements and university e-mails.

Admission Requirements and Selection Criteria

Students should complete at least one semester term of the associate / undergraduate program except for the preparatory class at the time of applying for the internship mobility. Post-graduates can take part in the mobility course with the approval of their thesis advisor after completing a semester and taking at least 15 credits of course and 15 credits thesis research. English preparatory and scientific preparatory program students cannot apply for the internship mobility program. In order to apply for the Erasmus Student Internship, it is expected that the student find the institution for an internship to be performed. The internship and tasks should be related to the student’s current training area. Students in all departments have the right to benefit from the Erasmus Internship, regardless they have or have not a compulsory internship responsibility.

  • The overall average grade for undergraduate / graduate students who will apply for a program is at least 2.20 out of 4.
  • For graduate students it must be at least 2.50.
  • Students who will apply for a program are required to take the internship date and the letter of acceptance where the internship subject is clearly identified and stated.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Academic achievement level (CGPA) 50%
  • Erasmus English Language Examination Result 50%
  • Benefit from the Erasmus + Programs (education and training) within the same level of education (with or without grants): -10 points per entry
  • Participation in mobility in the country of citizenship: -10 points
  • Students with disabilities are given a score of +10 (with documentation of their disability).

The applicant must set up a full-time internship place in one of the Program countries. New graduates may apply for a program while their student status is in progress and, if elected, perform their mobility within one year of the date they graduate. Participation in the Erasmus + Study and Internship Mobility cannot exceed a total of 12 months learning stage.

Important Note: Our students are required to find an internship with their own connections. The internship that you find must be a place related to your department. You need to write a letter of intent to the institution where you want to perform an internship and place your request to participate in the Erasmus + Internship Mobility. You can find it in the form for Sample Letter of Intent. If you receive a positive feedback, you should ask for an invitation letter as mentioned above.

Before Mobility Period

The student must submit the following documents to the International Relations Office before Mobility.

  • Internship Agreement (signed and sealed by student, host institution and Doğuş University)
  • Travel health insurance
  • Accident Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Students who are participating in the Mobility Program Grant should open a euro account at the TEB bank and forward their account information to the International Relations Office.
  • The International Relations Office will prepare the student’s guarantor letter (a document confirming the student’s participation in the Erasmus Mobility, the student’s grant, and the country information to be travelled). The student should contact the consulate of the country where he/she will go as soon as he/she obtains the guarantee letter and make an appointment and applies for visa. After the student receives the visa, he/she is obliged to submit a photocopy of the visa page to the International Relations Office together with the other requested documents.
  • Internship Mobility Grant Contract (You will sign two copies of the Grant Contract ; it will be signed by the International Relations Office after you have completed your other documents fully)
  • Online Language Support (OLS); OLS measures participants’ reading, writing and listening skills within the European Language Classification of Common Framework. Erasmus + participants must complete the OLS twice before and after mobility. Completion of OLS before and after mobility is a necessity. After the first OLS, the student will have the chance to take an online language course for free according to the level they belong to.

Before starting the mobility, the student is obliged to deliver all documents to the Erasmus Department Coordinator.


During Mobility

During the mobility, the student can make the changes related to his/her internship by showing on LA. The following steps must be followed in order to make changes:

The students have to fill the changes section in LA.

The changes must be made after consulting the Erasmus Department Coordinator at Doğuş University.

Students participating in the Erasmus + Internship Mobility can extend the mobility period up to 12 months (within the rules).

Students who want to request extension should write the petition to the International Relations Office and send it to

After Mobility Period

 In the post-mobility period, all of the following documents must be submitted to the International Relations Office in full.

  • Internship Agreement after Mobility section
  • Certificate of participation
  • Passport Photocopy
  • Internship Certificate
  • Photocopy of the sealed part showing your entry and departure dates on your passport
  • Student Final Report: After the end mobility date, a questionnaire will be sent by the European Commission with questions about mobility. The questionnaire needs to be completed within the following 30 days.
  • Online Language Support (OLS): As mentioned before the mobility, the second OLS will be sent to the student after the mobility.


  • The Education Agreement (Before Going, Changes and After Mobility sections)
  • Certificate of participation
  • Internship Certificate • Internship Mobility Agreement
  • Erasmus + Internship – Check list




Eligible participating institutions / organizations

  • The sending institution / organization should be a Higher Education Authority with ECHE.
  • The host institution / organization must meet one of the following options:

Any public institution / private institution / organization operating in the field of education / training. For example:

o Small, medium or large-scale private or public institutions or organizations (including social enterprises)

o A public institution at a local, regional or national level

o A social partner or other representative of the working life, including chambers of commerce, trades / professional associations and trade unions

o Research Institute

o Foundation

  • Schools, institutes, educational centres (in all levels from kindergarten to high school and later educational activities like vocational education and permanent education)
  • Non-profit companies like think tanks and NGOs
  • Institutions and Companies providing career guidance, vocational counselling and information services.
  • All participating institutions/companies must be located in a Program Country.
  • International Higher Educational mobility Erasmus+ will be launched at a later level between Program Countries and Partner Countries.

Areas of mobility:

Student exchange mobility are required to take place in a Program Country other than the students’ residence country and the country where the sending institution is located.

Eligible Participants   

Students who are enrolled to a higher educational program in all levels (1st, 2nd and 3rd levels are all included). In order for students to join educational mobility students must be at least enrolled at the second year of their studies. Yet, this requirement does not apply for traineeship mobility.