Starting with the second grade, regarding our quota, students in Dogus University may study abroad for 1 semester or 1 academic year within the scope of exchange agreements with preeminent universities of the countries that are members of the European Union. The students who are studying for associate degree, BA, MA or PhD may benefit from Erasmus program.

How to apply?

Application dates are announced by the International Relations Office. Students need to log in to the Dogus University Students’ Information System and fill in the online application form completely before the announced deadlines. Eligible students will be able to take the Erasmus Language Test. In order not to miss the application dates, students are advised to follow email newsletters and the announcements on the University website.

Application Conditions and Assessment Criteria

In order to apply for the students’ mobility programmes; Undergraduate students are required to have finished at least one mid-term in their faculty programs (excluding English preparatory classes). Graduate students having completed one midterm can apply for the mobility program on the condition that they get approval of their thesis advisors and intend to take courses with at least 15 credits or 15 credits thesis research. Students in English Preparatory and Scientific Preparatory Programs are not allowed to apply for student exchange programs.

  • For undergraduate students the cumulative grade point average must be at least 2,20 out of 4.
  • For the graduate students the cumulative grade point average must be at least 2,50 out of 4.

Assessment Criteria

  • Academic Achievements Level (CGPA) %50
  • Erasmus English Language Test result %50
  • Having been benefited from Erasmus+ Programmes (with or without grants) for the same level. -10points.
  • Having the citizenship of the country that is the focus of the mobility: -10 points.
  • With proper documentation, handicapped students will have +10 points.

Erasmus+ Application Evaluation Committee grounds on the principle of ‘’department quota’’ to balance inter departmental mobility numbers. The quotas are announced to students at the beginning of every call period.


The students, who are entitled to attend mobility within the scope of Erasmus+ Program with grant, may receive Erasmus+ grant to meet their livelihood expenses during the mobility period. Distribution of the grant is based on application numbers, the country to be visited and the budget which is announced by Turkey National Agency. Being a contribution, Erasmus+ Grant may not meet 100% of the expenses that belong to before and during the mobility (visa, accommodation, plane ticket and livelihood etc.). In this case, the student must meet the rest of his/her expenses on his/her own.
Erasmus+ Grant is paid in two installments. 80% of the installment is paid after all the required documents are handed in the International Relations Office. 20% of the installment is paid when the online survey is completed after Mobility. It is a prior condition that a student must complete 2/3 of his/her credits successfully to gain right to receive the second payment.
It is possible for a student to be granted for Erasmus+ education or Erasmus+ internship mobility for maximum 12 months.

Erasmus + Without Grant Mobility Option

Students may use this right after the results have been declared by notifying the International Relations Office if they want to participate in without grant mobility. Even if the Erasmus + students are selected as a student with or without grants, they will not pay tuition, registration and examination fees or library usage fees to the university they will go.

Additional Grant for Special Needs Owners

Students with disabilities may receive additional grants for their specific needs during their mobility. For further information, students may contact the International Relations Office.

Pre-Mobility Period

Once the applications are completed, the main and backup lists are announced on our website. Students listed in the main list will also be informed through their e-mails. The students listed in the original (main) list must notify the International Relations Office within 15 days whether they will participate in the mobility.
International Relations Office provides the necessary information about participating mobility students with the institutions where students will be hosted. Once the International Relations Office has provided the necessary information, Erasmus office will share the required procedures of the host institution with the students via e-mail. The student is obliged to complete the application documents required by the host institution.

Documents to Prepare Before Joining Mobility

In the pre-mobility period, the student must prepare the following documents and submit them to the International Relations Office. Since most of the documents require signatures and stamps from our institution and the university to be hosted, it is important for the student to start the process early.

Learning Agreement for Student Mobility (LA); It will include the lessons that the LA student will take in the host institution and the corresponding lessons at our university.It must be approved by the institution to be hosted and the sending institution and by the student. According to EU Criteria, the target load of an Erasmus Change Student for 1 semester is 30 ECTS. This should be taken into account when selecting courses. Students cannot participate in LA mobility with a missing signature. The completion of required signatures is the student’s responsibility.

Student Visa:The student acceptance letter from the host institution should be forwarded to the International Relations Office as soon as the acceptance letter is received. The International Relations Office prepares the student’s guarantor letter (a document confirming the student’s participation in the Erasmus Mobility of the university, the student’s grant, the information of the country to be visited) As soon as the student receives the guarantor document (letter), he/she must contact the consulate of the country where he / she will go and must apply for a visa appointment.
After the student gets the visa, he is obligated to deliver a copy of the visa page alongside with the other required documents to the International Relations Office. The International Relations Office does not carry authority over the consulate during students’ visa application process.

Student Travel Insurance: Students can take out travel insurance from any travel agency. However, the students should be careful about the issue that they must inform the agency about joining the Erasmus mobility and the requirement of Travel Insurance.

The files for the countries in scope of agreement as TR/AT 11 for Germany and TR/CZ 111 for Czech can be taken from SGK. Before applying to SGK, students must receive the letter of acceptance and with a petition they must get the SGK letter from the International Relations Office.

Euro Account: Students who join the mobility by receiving a grant must open a euro account in TEB bank and forward their account information to International Relations Office in order to get their grant.

Grant Contract: Grant contract is signed before the mobility by the student and Dogus University. The contract shows the duration of mobility and the total amount of grant including personal needs and travel cost. Wet-ink signature is required for the contract. The day when the student submits all of the relevant files mentioned above, he/she signs the grant contract with two copies in International Relation Office .

Online Language Support OLS

OLS measures the students’ writing, reading and listening skills under the scope of the Common European Framework. The attendees of Erasmus+ must complete OLS twice, before and after the mobility. Completion of OLS before and after the mobility is a must. After the first OLS, according to the level, students have a chance to get Online Language Support without any cost.

During Mobility

Throughout mobility, changing the course because of clash, not being opened or any other reasons is possible. In this case, after the students inform the course change in Learning Agreement Exchange web-page in 30 days in the latest after the lessons start in the host institution and they get necessary approvals from Dogus University Erasmus Department Coordination and get it signed to the host Institutions, they send the approval to International Relations Office. You can find the course change form in the list of forms below.

The students who join the mobility in fall semester can request an extension to spring semester. In this case, they need to write a petition to International Relations Office based on their extension request. When the semester extension request is evaluated and approved, students need to take approvals from the host institutions and forward the approvals to International Relations Office.

After the Mobility

In order for the mobility of the student to be valid after the mobility, the following documents must be submitted to the International Relations Office in full.

-Learning Agreement with the ‘Learning Agreement After Mobility’ part filled and with original wet signature.

(All the documents of the student are to be delivered in a wet signed / original form. If the ‘Before Mobility’ and ‘During Mobility’ sections of the Learning Agreement were not delivered to the original office with a wet signature of three parts, the original version must be submitted when the student returns.)

-Certificate of Participation (make sure the date is written, it is sealed and original. If the host institution is not organizing such a document, you can get the Certificate of Participation from forms part.)

-Transcript of Records. (Please note that the transcript of records must be submitted to the International Relations Office for the courses you took to be valid.)

-Photocopy of the sealed part of your passport showing your entry and departure dates.

– Student Final Report: After the ending date of the mobility, a questionnaire will be sent by the European Commission with questions about mobility. The questionnaire needs to be completed within 30 days.

-Online Language Support (OLS): As mentioned before the mobility, 2nd OLS will be sent after mobility.

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Student Learning Agreement
Certificate of participation
Sample Petition for SGK Document
Sample Petition for Extension of Application