How to Apply?

If you would like to spend your foreign education period at Doğuş University within the scope of Erasmus Student Exchange program, you should contact the International Relations Office at your institution and check if there is an Erasmus agreement between your and our universities and if there is an Erasmus Agreement between two institutions, you should ask to be provided information as a student of exchange at Doğuş University.

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If there is no exchange agreement between institutions, you can study in a guest student’s status by paying a semester fee at our university.

Application Dates

2018 – 2019 Education – Academic year deadlines;

-Fall Semester: July 2018

-Spring Season: December 2018

Academic calendar

Please click for the 2018-2019 Doğuş University Academic Calendar.

Before Mobility

Before the mobility, the student must complete the required application documents and forward it to the International Relations Office. A letter of acceptance is prepared by the International Relations Office for students who submit their documents in full. The student must be in Istanbul at least one day before the Orientation date.

Students who will come to our university within the scope of the Erasmus program need to send the following documents to our office before the deadline:

– Application form

-The Learning Protocol

– Passport photocopy (Besides the passport photocopies; Students with Turkish Citizenship must send their ID card, and students with Blue Card must send their Blue Cards.)

You can find the application form and other documents in the following forms.

During Mobility

After enrolling at Doğuş University, the Erasmus+ Students will be able to perform their course selections and other academic procedures.

Under the Orientation Programme held prior to every semester, all incoming Erasmus students and other exchange students are given a briefing on enrollment and campus life.

Course Enrollments

Course enrollments are done at the beginning of the semester and course add and drop transactions are performed within the specified period. In the event that you wish to make a change to your previous course schedule, you may do so on the second page of the learning protocol following the approval of your institution.

All international students must apply for a Residence Permit within one month from their arrival in Turkey at the latest. International Relations Office will provide students with consultancy service during this process. The first step for the residence permit application is online appointment. Online applications must be done on by the students personally.


After Mobility

For the successful completion of the mobility, Discharge Form must be submitted to the International Relations Office.

The following documents will be delivered to your university by the International Relations Office.

Academic Transcript: The original copy of your academic transcript will be mailed to the International Relations office at your university by the International Relations Office at Doğuş University. If you need more than one original copy, you must send an e-mail to

Certificate of Attendance: If requested by the student, a Certificate of Attendance indicating the start and end dates of the mobility will be issued and given to the student by the International Relations Office.

The academic transcripts of the students will be sent to their institutions within one month from the end of the educational period at the latest.


– Application Form

– Learning Agreement

– Please click here for course contents.

– Please click here for grading scales (ECTS).

– Discharge Form

– To access further information, please check Dogus University Erasmus Handbook.

Health Insurance for Erasmus Program Incoming students

The incoming students must have a health insurance during their stay in Turkey. In order to activate the insurance in Turkey that already has international validity, the policy should be confirmed by the relevant insurance organization located in Turkey (no translation required). If the company does not have an organization in Turkey or the organization does not approve the insurance, students need to either take part in SGK system for General Health Insurance (GSS) in three months beginning from the date of enrollment or take out new private health insurance. According to the agreement between Turkey and several other countries, students who have health insurance can benefit from their insurance in Turkey.